Artist Statement

Bobbie Rae Jones

Visions, dreams, ethereal elemental beings, healing experiences and spiritual elements all influence my artwork.  Relationships and their dynamics inform my art.  The imagery suggests reality, but elements within them are surreal.  Figures are present in most works, and are set in environments, realistic, but fantastical.

My children are a great influence on my art and recently I have begun collaborating to create works with them, other people, teaching art, expanding the process and content of personal art.  Observing others making art, and questioning my motivation and technique, added a new dynamic content; ethics and social justice, specifically indigenous peoples, homeless, and survivors of sexual assault.  I create a lot of socially engaged art within my various communities.

Influences of use of color and symbolism come from Frida Kahlo, as well as mystical imagery like Alex Grey.  The spiritual and indigenous inspiration similar to Susan Seddon Boulet, the compositional elements and brilliant figural imagery of Cicily Brown, the painterly style and processes of Susan Rothenberg, the processes of Traditional Tibetan master artists, and inquiries into healing trauma in society from Krystof Wodicko have been part of my research in creating the works of art.

Caravaggio and Bev Doolittle are artists who also inspire my process.  I consider myself a Narrative and Symbolist Portrait artist, as well as a Visionary Artist- art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or based in such experiences.


Self Portrait of Red Tara

4′ X 6′  conte pencil


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